Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Natural Products

Have you tried any natural products and if so what is the name of the product you tried and liked ?

I have tried many products since it is what I use on a daily basis such as hand soap , homemade deodorant , makeup , and everything else is regular .


Elaine said...

I haven't but I'd like to!

va said...

Elaine , thanks for stopping by !
It's never too late to try and you know there's a lot of natural products sold in health food stores .

Pia said...

I'm not sure if that's considered a "natural product", but I occasionally put olive oil in my hair. It really helps when you have very dry hair, I definitely recommend it.

va said...

Pia , yes that is a natural product , olive oil . I love olive oil and use coconut oil here in India to be able to comb or brush through my hair . Thanks for your comment !