Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Views on Outward Beauty

Beauty is not about fashion magazines , being skinny , being young , showing off your body , wearing makeup , being a celebrity or model , and the list goes on …
It is about showing who you are , you don’t have to wear makeup to show off your beauty like a peacock . You can be beautiful with or without . It doesn’t define who you are . There are many important women in our history like Rosa Parks , Mother Teresa , Princess Diana , etc. who were beautiful and women who helped shape our society by their good works .
Fashion is a fantasy world where actual photos are photoshopped and all the blemishes a person  has goes away . We have to remember we can’t strive to look exactly like those photos because in reality they don’t exist . We can admire it as Art .
We are not young forever and have to cherish the time we have to take photos for memories we will need to look back on . 
You can be beautiful whether you are young or old . The media has a very strong influence on women on how they should look to how they should act . We don’t have to listen to this brainwashing us . We can filter out what is good for us and what is not . 
note - These are just my views and feel free to reply . my views about outward beauty by me , va

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