Saturday, January 29, 2011

Save The Dolphins in Japan

I just watched the documentary The Cove last night and it was extremely difficult to watch dolphins in Taiji , Japan being slaughtered .
My thoughts of what I could do to help are limited only through signing petitions but I still want to help spread the word out there to my fellow followers and friends who read my blog .

You may have already seen The Cove or heard about the dolphin issue in Japan but it's still going on despite things being done about it by animal activists etc.
I would like to share these links with you about this issue .

Please don't support circuses or any place that holds any animal in captivity by the wrong means like SeaWorld , Barnum and Bailey ,etc.
any place that holds sea animals ..

link to petitons

youtube vid. cartoon




image is not mine and credited to the rightful owner of this photograph /

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fur Free

I just saw a post about Kate Hudson on sporting a light colored grey fur coat made by Burberry . It made me feel shocked and yet not so surprised but honestly a bit sad and angry .
I may not be a vegetarian but when it comes down to animal cruelty and the welfare of animals I can't stand seeing fur coats when I have seen the horror stories about it from animal welfare groups and sites .
It would be different if one had an animal in the farm and killed it for it's meat for cooking and the used all it's resources like fur and skin for a carpet , coat , etc , but that is not what happens to these innocent creatures .
Take a look at Stella McCartney , she is a vegetarian designer who has fur free fashion . She may not be my favorite designer but she stands by her ethics and does not hurt an animal just for the sake of fashion and trends .
It is people like Anna Wintour and many others in the fashion and entertainment industry who choose to support wearing fur and advertise it . Also , I am not judging these people just feel the choice they are making by sporting fur is wrong to me .

Anna Wintour

Kate Hudson

For myself I will not buy anything with fur anymore no matter how cute or nice it may look , no makeup brushes , chinese accessories with fur , clothing , paint brushes , etc. I may wear leather shoes but I don't wear fur .
They must be cruelty free if they do have fur and certified that they are . Smashbox supposedly has makeup brushes which are cruelty free which is what one Smashbox makeup artist told me once . 100 Percent Pure is entirely cruelty free and so much more ..
I love for their handmade clothing , makeup , and accessories too .

Stella McCartney

images are credited to their rightful owners and are not mine , thanks

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Airplanes and etc..

I just opened my window at night and happened to see an airplane flying across the air .

Whenever I see one flying in the sky , I imagine myself being in that plane and flying .
wondering where they are flying to and what it is like ..

I have traveled on planes and the things I enjoy are the meals on international flights , sitting
in a seat next to a window so I can see everything , watching and listening to music , and
sitting next to someone nice and respectful .

What about you ?

image taken from google images at / all credit goes to the owner

What's your favorite type of beverage ?

I love tea . If anyone else loves it too then what ype do you enjoy drinking ?

If not tell me your fav. beverage ..

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WOOL 100% Anime Film

What do you think about this trailer ? I have seen this movie a while back when I rented from the video store . Have to say it's pretty different but interesting at the same time and not like a regular movie but more unique .

Monday, January 24, 2011

What kind of movies do you like ?

I wanted to ask this since I have been trying to find good movies for myself .

currently I am watching Uptown Girls with Brittany Murphy who passed away . I am trying to remember her for her positive movies so lately I have been watching them . I found her work from .

Also love the animated films like Howl's Moon and Spirited Away .
I will do a list of movies I like soon .

What are your movie picks ? Anything you recommend ?

Thank you to my lovely followers

Hello ,

I just want to say thank for all the comments I have been receiving . It feels really nice to have my readers stop by to leave a comment or to even take an interest in my blog . So thank you !

Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I love

The things I love are : Tea of all kinds especially Chinese Jasmine Green tea and herbal ,

recipes even though I don't cook them I love to read them and see the pics and imagine someday I will

kawaii things that are not made of plastic

eco friendly and organic items and news

fashion related topics


watch movies especially feminine ones

nice people

positive outlooks

Yoga and exercise for keeping positive and fit

natural products and companies like 100 Percent Pure and Heavenly Naturals mineral makeup on etsy

and the list goes on ...

hopefully i will think of more later

Tell me , what do you enjoy and love ?

Edward Maya ft. Vika Jigulina - This Is My Life

Rizzle Kicks - Down With The Trumpets

found this from another fashion blogger unfortunately forgot name of her blog .. just want to share this

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fashion Tip

Go for what you like personally . Trends may come and go but if you choose what you like and are into then you develop your own sense of taste .

Example : Trends of the moment / dark black goth looks , grunge , etc.
Lulu likes to wear vintage clothes and want to dress like her style icon Audrey Hepburn .

Remember trends die out quickly . Don't feel pushed or pressured into following someone else's
idea of style and fashion even if they say that is a fashion don't . Be comfortable with yourself and then your true sense of personal style will come through .

Gigi D'Agostino - Silence ( Official Video )

AR Rahman's Guzarish - Ghajini (2008) | Music Video

Tere Bina -GURU HD

House Music From India

A Pick from my playlist , I thought I would share !

Just a Reminder I have another blog in case you want to enter giveaways


Be sure to check out these great giveaways and they are all international . If not I will state if it is for another country . Good Luck !

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden Globes 2011

Currently watching this youtube channel since I don't have tv .
here's the link

Enjoy watching ! I was bedazzled by Helen Mirren's jewelry . Each outfit had different taste .
Also loved watching there speeches and have yet to finish the show !

Monday, January 17, 2011

1st Post / Introduction

Hello ,

This is just a blog about my thoughts and so on . I wanted to have a 2nd blog
posting about how I feel .
To me , it doesn't matter if people think it's boring
etc. because I just want to kind of have this as my own outlet .
It is not to entertain everyone , it's just there to be there if you know what I mean .
Been thinking about doing a blog for a while but I thought no because people
might not like it or I might not be good at it .
I am interested in reading other people's blogs so thought why not . The grammar may not be great .I should positive instead and try this out !
Maybe shoot some ideas out at me so I can start bloggin' .
Whatever suggestions you have that would be great so I have can a positive start .