Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toxic Ingredients in Cosmetics and products

Have you ever read what's in your beauty products ? I have and that is why I have stopped using most of the cosmetics I use to use . Now once in a while I use nail polish and have no choice but to use regular shampoo and conditioner since it is so expensive and not that natural here . My hand soap must have all natural ingredients due to my sensitive skin . 
Check out these links below that will help you make the decisions about how to choose your beauty products . There is so much information on this it is unbelievable . I also have a youtube channel called moominu that discusses more on these topics .
 I use regular toothpaste because I can't find natural ones on the market . I try the best I can . For using deodorant I stopped buying it and now make my own ! 
What about you , what choices are you making to be more healthier ? Please feel free to share . My blog is very reader friendly . Also do share this blog with blog friends if they are interested . Thank you !

Toothpaste / Powder Recipes

For toothpaste the easiest part is to buy baking powder and mix it with cinnamon powder and or peppermint e. oil or another e. oil that will make a good taste .  I got the cinnamon idea from I book I got from the library but forgot the title since it was so long ago . If you go to the library you will be able to find so many books on this topic .

These books I have checked out from the library >
Recipes for Natural Beauty by Katie Spiers

Ultimate Natural Beauty Book by Josephine Fairley

Natural Beauty from the Garden by Janice Cox

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tea recipes links for Elaichi Chai and more ..

Indian Green Cardamom Chai

Thai iced tea

This is a very simple recipe that I wanted to share . I make my own chai without this recipe since I am use to making it here in India for myself and occasionally for guests . Tea is one of my favorite things that I have in the mornings and late afternoons plus it is also tradition here to have it twice a day according to the breakfast and snack times .
I will be sharing more recipes I find through the net . Let me know if you would like a particular recipe ,  would be happy to help you !