Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fur Free

I just saw a post about Kate Hudson on sporting a light colored grey fur coat made by Burberry . It made me feel shocked and yet not so surprised but honestly a bit sad and angry .
I may not be a vegetarian but when it comes down to animal cruelty and the welfare of animals I can't stand seeing fur coats when I have seen the horror stories about it from animal welfare groups and sites .
It would be different if one had an animal in the farm and killed it for it's meat for cooking and the used all it's resources like fur and skin for a carpet , coat , etc , but that is not what happens to these innocent creatures .
Take a look at Stella McCartney , she is a vegetarian designer who has fur free fashion . She may not be my favorite designer but she stands by her ethics and does not hurt an animal just for the sake of fashion and trends .
It is people like Anna Wintour and many others in the fashion and entertainment industry who choose to support wearing fur and advertise it . Also , I am not judging these people just feel the choice they are making by sporting fur is wrong to me .

Anna Wintour

Kate Hudson

For myself I will not buy anything with fur anymore no matter how cute or nice it may look , no makeup brushes , chinese accessories with fur , clothing , paint brushes , etc. I may wear leather shoes but I don't wear fur .
They must be cruelty free if they do have fur and certified that they are . Smashbox supposedly has makeup brushes which are cruelty free which is what one Smashbox makeup artist told me once . 100 Percent Pure is entirely cruelty free and so much more ..
I love for their handmade clothing , makeup , and accessories too .

Stella McCartney

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I am against wearing real fur, as well. Though I will wear faux fur; the real stuff will never appeal to me. :)

va said...

Hi Cafe Fashionista ,

Yeah I thought about wearing faux fur in the beginning but now I feel I can't wear synthetic fur since it's mainly made out of plastic so I would just rather wear natural fabrics like cottons , silk , etc. if I can if not I go with what I have . :) I appreciate your comments ! Thanks

Cat said...

Right on, sister! I draw the line at fur...I am too much of an animal lover not to!!! Happy Friday! xo Cat

va said...

Hi Cat ,

Thanks for your comment . Me too , can't stand fur and will never go back . Me too I love feeding the wild birds . Happy Friday to you too ! :)

The Brunette said...


I would never wear real fut either its vile and disgusting and it makes me really mad

va said...

Hi The Brunette ,

I know it makes me mad too .
Thank you for stopping by my blog ! Hope u have a wonderful evening .


vickileestyle said...

thanks for your comment :)

i agree with the real fur issue, i would never support such cruelty but i do wear faux fur!

Vintage Stop at

va said...
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va said...

vickileestyle ,

It is better to wear faux fur then real fur . Thanks for your comment too ! :)