Friday, January 21, 2011

Things I love

The things I love are : Tea of all kinds especially Chinese Jasmine Green tea and herbal ,

recipes even though I don't cook them I love to read them and see the pics and imagine someday I will

kawaii things that are not made of plastic

eco friendly and organic items and news

fashion related topics


watch movies especially feminine ones

nice people

positive outlooks

Yoga and exercise for keeping positive and fit

natural products and companies like 100 Percent Pure and Heavenly Naturals mineral makeup on etsy

and the list goes on ...

hopefully i will think of more later

Tell me , what do you enjoy and love ?


chiaracat said...

we have similar tastes :D
I LOVE tea and herbal tea (cinnamom is my fav!), I love swimming, I love nice ppl too, etsy, movies, shopping, oh! Your post turns me in good mood <3

va said...

Hi chiaracat ,
So nice to know ! I love chamomile and early grey tea .
me too I love swimming and shopping ! Thank you , hope u have a great day or night . Grazie

chiaracat said...

have a great day u too! thanks! now I'm going to sleep :D time zones lol!

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

hi va!
following you ;D

so you must be a Go Green Girl right?
i love eco friendly and organic things and always bring a shopping bag.. hehe

va said...

Hi Sarah Mar'atul Azizah ,

I think everyone should be green since the world already needs our help . That is great that you bring your own bag . Thanks for stopping by and following me !

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

eh, just call me Sarah or Azizah, thats too long, hehe

yaa, we must be 'Green' right?

btw, i held a mini giveaway, its international. and you got 2 entries, because you have already be my friends on blog ;)
just leave a comment to get your entries ;)

Sarah Azhezha

Sarah Mar'atul Azizah said...

yes it is, the cream is natural. at first, i also little bit doubt it, but its natural.. don't be worry.. ;)