Saturday, January 29, 2011

Save The Dolphins in Japan

I just watched the documentary The Cove last night and it was extremely difficult to watch dolphins in Taiji , Japan being slaughtered .
My thoughts of what I could do to help are limited only through signing petitions but I still want to help spread the word out there to my fellow followers and friends who read my blog .

You may have already seen The Cove or heard about the dolphin issue in Japan but it's still going on despite things being done about it by animal activists etc.
I would like to share these links with you about this issue .

Please don't support circuses or any place that holds any animal in captivity by the wrong means like SeaWorld , Barnum and Bailey ,etc.
any place that holds sea animals ..

link to petitons

youtube vid. cartoon




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The Brunette said...

OMG we are so similar I really believe in animals having rights and hate cruelty to animals.
I go to the WSPA website and have you seen about the bears in Pakistan that are tied up and people watch dogs attack them...really sad!

va said...

Hi The Brunette ,

Yes we are similar . I am skeptical of some organizations because i have heard that at times the profits are kept for themselves and not for the cause .
As far as cruelty to animals there is so much evil and yet hope that we can make it better one person at a time . On youtube there are lots are people who do vids to be cruel to their pets for entertainment . So sick !!
The list goes on and on ..

The Brunette said...

hmm the trouble is the internet is a good thing but can also be a bad thing in the hands of evil people.

I know I have heard of some of these cruel videos one where a man suffocated two kittens...just vile.
It makes me really mad.
Thanks for your comments on my blog by the way.

Marica said...

Hi Va,
Thank yuo to join my blog!

Cheers from Conversano, Puglia, Italy