Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chocolate Rose: Non molto...

Chocolate Rose: Non molto...: "...oggi qui il tempo non è dei migliori e anche il mio umore.Voglio però offrirVi una bella Tazza di Latte Caldo con una spruzzata di cacao...."

This ring was so pretty I wanted to share this article from Chocolate Rose . This blog is in Italian so you need to translate in order to read it .

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend ! I have been watching some movies here and there like Devil Wears Prada which I have seen before and All About Love
which is a Filipino movie from 2006 , a romantic comedy .


Chocolate Rose said...

Thank YOU. :)

va said...

Your Welcome Chocolate Rose ! Grazie for following my blog !

Chocolate Rose said...

THANK...for you.