Thursday, February 3, 2011

What kind of topics should I blog about ?

I am new to blogging on this new blog of mine and wanted to know what type of topics should I blog about ?

Not sure how and where I can good photos to post and how I can my my post look interesting and nicer to myself and the reader .
seen so many blogs and the way they post makes it interesting ..

Any suggestions and or thoughts you would like to share ?


Anonymous said...

I think that it would be great to share with us your personal experiences from living abroad away from your country.

va said...

Ligata ,
I hope to blog about this soon . Thank you so much . I will have to think about lots of things . Thanks for your input . Greatly needed !

EvaForeva said...

MAybe you can blog about things that interest you and this way find readers who are interested in the same thing. Visit other people' blogs to get inspired and use your blog space to share your ideas.
I love photography and everything vintage and handmade so I blog about that.