Sunday, April 17, 2011

My Small Nail polish collection

Revlon # 379 Tropical Temptation , VOV # 72 Power Lasting Nail Color

left - Bonjour Paris pink nail polish 12 # is on the bottom , Bonjour Paris Star Shine Bright Red  # 87  , and Bonjour Paris Star Shine glitter  # 85

I don't wear nail polish often due to the toxic smells and the fact that it is not healthy but once in a while I like to jazz up my nails !

What colors do you have and how do you like the collection ? 


Anonymous said...

I like the VOV #72 color!
I wear nail polish all the time! My collection is not so big. I have 8 bottles of nail polish. I think they are enough, because if you have a large collection you can not use all of your polishes and some of them would spoil.

va said...

Hi Ligata ,

Thank you . It is a coral tone with gold shimmer in it . Yes a small collection is enough . Sometimes I even use them to paint things with , lol .

Collections said...

Love your collection. The bright red color is great. I collect nail polish too. I have all colors of the rainbow.

They make for wonderful decorations!

To answer your question I bought the Alexander Wang bag from barneys on sale (yay) and the jeffrey campbell shoes hmmm I think I got them from just searching online! I'll try and post some links on my site tonight for those items so check back later :)

va said...

Collections ,

Thanks for the link I will check it out . As for the red nail polish I love it because it reminds me of the color of lipstick that January Jones wears on Mad Men . love that show .
I love nailpolish too and the non toxic ones are even better . haven't tried them though ..