Friday, April 29, 2011

What do you think ? Some opinions and suggestions about my blog ..

I just lost a follower this week and it made me think how is my blog and how can I improve it ?

Do you think it has enough interesting videos and reads in it or does it need more improvement .

I like some parts of my blog but at the same time I feel it is missing something exciting about it .

What do you think ? Which posts do you enjoy the most that I post about ? How come I don't have many followers ..?  I want to explore these options and make my blog better for myself and for others .

Thanks .


XL said...

First time on your blog :) Found you through your comments on mine... the garlic peeler madness! And did you know that I am a BHS alum, too? lol

va said...

Oh that is nice to know . I tried to reply back to you but your blog isn't open for me to reply back to you .
what year are you ?

Renée said...

I think you have to give it some time, you have to find what you really love and what you want to share with others. It's a never ending process :)

The Brunette said...

I should not worry I think you right brilliant blog posts and not just the usual ones like what you have bought lately like I do ha ha!

Keep up the good work your blog is always interesting xx

va said...

The Brunette ,

Thank you so much for your kind words ! I love reading your blog too . You're very kind .

Masha said...

hi, i think your blog is very interesting - the only problem probably is that people don't know about it. and if you lost a follower ... well who cares, maybe she didn't share enough of similar interests with you. it's important that you stay true to yourself and don't try too much to please everyone, you have to work on your niche and eventually you will get more readers. i've found you because we both follow some blogs and i've seen your avatar many times ... so yesterday i became curious who is the person behind it. :D imo your blog is very good, you have interesting topics ... maybe you could only change the visual appearance of the blog so it would look more professional - if you know what i mean. :) keep up the good work, i would love to read more from you so don't stop it. :P

va said...

Masha , thank you for your suggestions . I appreciate the time you took out to blog these interesting ideas . I really needed this . Keep sharing your thoughts and ideas , I love it !!
Have a wonderful day or night .

Lea said...

Hey girl, thanks for entering my giveaway! Good luck!

& your blog is great, just needs more images, more art.

Hope we are blogging friends!